SEO Conference (Search Engine Optimization)

Date : 6 février
Heure : 19h
Lieu : Coworking Neuchâtel
Inscription :

Sitawo [Free SEO workshop] in Neuchâtel

Learn from an entrepreneur, not just an SEO specialist
This workshop is all about learning and implementing the best SEO practices in your business.

This meetup is free of charge (Sponsored by Coworking Neuchâtel) but please note that the workshop capacity is limited and there will be a small number of seats, so we recommend you register as soon as possible in our Meetup. Best bring your laptops too!

Language: English

Would you like to join us? More information below and in the Meetup Page.

What do business owners think about SEO?
Some business owners mistakenly believe that SEO is not that essential, and owning a website is enough for introducing and ranking a business or brand on the first page of Google BUT even Google pages cannot gain the first results of search engines without following SEO rules, so boosting most of the businesses on the Internet and digital world relies on the SEO principles.

How do you attract new customers?
According to the exact statistics of the HubSpot site;
90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.
Where do you compete in your market?

What will you learn in this first meetup?
SEO in digital marketing
Why SEO?
SEO content strategy in 2019
SEO keyword research
Q & A

About the lecturer
The tutor of the workshop, Ebrahim, is a digital and SEO specialist who has more than 9 years of marketing experience in the field of Internet Marketing and gaining Google’s top ranking. Ebrahim’s experiences and knowledge aren’t only limited to online marketing since he has owned two educational companies in Tehran from ages 18 to 24 and is also the author of the most well-known articles of Iran’s journals such as the Journal of Success and Creativity. furthermore, he has hosted more than 300 radio programs. To read his biography and extra information about our company and services, follow the pages below.

Who should take part in this workshop?
The owners of local and internet businesses, bloggers, webmasters, businesswomen, companies that want to start Internet marketing seriously, those who are willing to run a new business and are looking for more practical and reasonable ideas for marketing.

We are very much looking forward to sharing SEO tips and principles with you.

— Notes d’organisation WordPress Neuchâtel
Si vous avez des souhaits, des suggestions ou que vous avez envie de présenter un thème, contactez-nous.

Nous vous accueillons dans les magnifiques locaux du Coworking Neuchâtel, situé dans l’Hôtel des Postes au bord du lac. L’entrée se situe à l’ouest du bâtiment, du côté du restaurant Desperado. Sonnez à la porte et nous vous ouvrirons.

Pour l’apéro de bienvenue, nous mettons en place un « apéro communautaire » : chaque membre participe et amène une boisson ou un en-cas à partager avec son voisin.

Ce rendez-vous WordPress sera suivi d’un repas (non offert), probablement à la crêperie Bach et Buck.


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